Property “Staging” is popular in the US and we have been seeing this sort of advice being given on TV here in the UK. It is where a business is called in to give advice to a home owner on how to achieve a higher selling price for their home. It can involve decoration, de-cluttering, cleaning (you may be surprised at how filthy some people are!), keeping pets hidden & that sort of thing.

When I refurbish properties and put them up for sale, I furnish them so that they look like a home rather than a clean property. This way it makes the property more desirable & aspirational, and can solve problems eg storage.

However, most refurbishers dont do this. In fact, along with my business partner I have just taken on 5 flats, buying them from a builder who was getting little interest in them. Our belief is that this was because he was selling them as plain white empty but carpeted boxes. Time will tell whether we are right about these.

Anyway, because I see so many properties that are badly presented, and badly photographed by Agents, I wanted to get some feedback as to why Agents don’t use Staging companies, because for a small investment they could achieve a higher selling price for their clients. I know its not an easy conversation to have with a seller because they are proud of their home, and its easy to take offence at what is tantamount to personal criticism!

So, I’ve asked this question in an Estate Agents forum in LinkedIn.

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