Mnay years ago, when I was training Estate Agents, it occurred to me that the valuation that is put on a property depends upon how quickly a vendor needs to move.

If they have no urgency and are prepared to wait say for example 12 months, themn the price that the property is advertised at can be somewhat higher because the vendor is looking for that one buyer who “falls in love” with the property and is prepared to pay more than its estimated value (people will pay more for perceived quality in any marketplace).

Conversely, if they need to sell their home quickly, maybe because of divorce, relocation, a death in the family, redundancy etc, then they need to find a considerable number of buyers who would be happy to pay that price. This is a market where property developers and investors inhabit. People who are looking for a bargain.

This is all simple economics. Supply & demand.

So, why then don’t agents seem to discuss this issue and price variation when they are do listing appointments (more commonly known as valuations).

Patently my training has been forgotten, so out of interest I have posted the question on an Agents forum in LinkedIn.

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