I still dont understand the London market. It worries me greatly that so many people are desperate to buy, and as it states in the article, viewings are done on a Friday but offers need to be in by Monday lunchtime to stand a chance of buying.


Its a big bubble in the making. The point is that when the bubble bursts, prices will fall, but will they fall much further than the prices of a couple of years ago?

Well I made the decision to sell a number of properties a couple of years ago. Patently in the short term I am losing out (although none of my properties were within the M25). I continue to believe that prices will fall considerably at some stage in the future as a result of economic mismanagement (QE) and interest rates rising to long-term averages ie approx 7-8%, and this will result in thousands of people who are over-leveraged (mainly “investors” and those desperate to “get on the housing ladder”) having to quickly sell. This allied to the yet to be resolved European political gamble (Euro) that will result in serious economic problems, then I am genuinely fearful that house prices will crash beyond next year.

In the meantime, my own strategy continues to be to buy properties with potential, refurbish them, and sell quickly. (Buy To Sell – BTS)

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