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If you are looking to rent a property whilst at university there are a whole lot of financial traps that students and parents can fall into. These can be time-consuming & frustrating and worse; costly.

With experience as a landlord & having had family at University, we want to be able to help you avoid these traps.

A couple of years ago, we had kids move out to Uni, but despite us being landlords they felt sufficiently adult to sign contracts for renting a property without discussing it with us. Big mistake.

With hindsight we believe that peer pressure to fall in with the other naive friends, and to be fearful of all rental properties being snapped up leaving them homeless or several miles out of town led both of them to sign, in one case an unfair contract for too long a period, and in the other in an unsuitable conversion that actually had a rat infestation.

Some student accommodation is truly ghastly and not fit for humans. Unbelievably low standards are tolerated, but they shouldn’t be.

Whilst some landlords are extremely fair & professional, and care for their tenants, some landlords fit in with the image of being miserly rogues, and many are naive amateurs who have simply invested in a property to rent out, but haven’t a clue about their legal or moral responsibilities.

We want youngsters to be comfortable and concentrating on their studies, and their parents to be less worried about their teenager’s first venture away from home. So, our intention is to provide information that will be of practical help.

To do this, I am writing a book. This may take a bit of time because there is a lot that students & parents should know. I have already met rental agents, landlords who specialise in this marketplace, council staff and Students Union who have a LOT of experience with student rentals, so that there will be a full perspective on the issues.

In the meantime, a document is attached that I originally put together last year for our local council of the Top Tips for students who are renting, & hope that you find this is helpful.

Ian Muir

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