Unsurprising proof that politicians and councils (in this case Labour) do not understand supply & demand or the housing market. Tenants do not pay over the odds, they pay the market rent. Unfortunately councils DO pay over market rent in because there arent enough properties available as many of us landlords dont want to be in the Local Housing Authority (LHA) market.

Even the National Landlords Association (NLA) are incorrect when they state that ‘The only long-term solution to making housing more affordable is to increase the supply by building more homes in the areas where they are most needed”.

If house prices fell then that too would make them more affordable. We currently have a Government that is creating a false market by holding interest rates down and encouraging people to “get on the housing ladder” by providing financial support. For goodness sake, the world is in a financial mess because of excess debt and what do they do – buy the drunk another bottle. This policy is designed to increase house prices so that people feel wealthier come the next election. Its a bribe from a desperate government. It will end in tears if prices go up much further with people committing to buy properties they cant afford when interest rates revert to their mean average ie 6-8%.

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