Some obvious points, some easy criticisms & publicity for “the usual suspects”. What really gets me though is the hypocrisy of MPs. Rant alert…

The article quotes…”let the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) ban those who indulge in “sharp practice”, the Communities and Local Government Committee said.”
Yeah, right. So what will we do when MPs are yet again caught fiddling expenses or countless other misdemeanors? Oh, they keep their job & staff researchers at their vastly overpaid rates until the next election & retain their magnificent, unfair, unwarranted, inflation-proof pension.

“The Government should also come up with a standard “plain language” tenancy agreement for general use”. What a joke. Have you ever tried reading an OFT document? Impenetrable. Ive passed to Lawyers who cant understand them & it cost me £540 to get a specialist lawyer to clarify how I could put a creative deal together that didnt contravene OFT or FCA’s very unplain language rules.

“Opaque” -never applies to Gvmt or Banks! So what have they done about creating Opaqueness in these 2 creators of the financial mess that the western world is still facing?


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