Its good to see some of these rogues being caught. Its not just about being licensed but about complying with fire, health & safety regulations. I know that the mention of H&S instantly gets some people’s backs up because of its regular interference with business with trivia & is a massive administrative burden. However, especially with HMOs, non-compliance puts peoples lives at risk.

Students, who by their nature on their first experience of living away from home, tolerate lower standards than they need to, and as with this example, landlords are taking advantage by cutting corners in order to reduce their costs. For instance, installing the correct quality fire doors & smoke alarms is expensive, but it has to be done.

Hopefully the media coverage will encourage more landlords to comply, and help educate more tenants. However, rogues in any business will continue to dodge the rules.

To help educate tenants I am myself working on something at the moment, but more about that when I am nearer completion.

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