As with all industries, property has its own “club members” language, in addition to management-speak (“not rocket science”, “think outside the box”, & other ghastly, over-used phrases). In the case of property there are numerous abbreviations, acronyms and worse – incomprehensible legal wordings. For those of us who are familiar with them the abbrev’s & acronyms speed up communication. For others they add unwanted complication & confusion to their most expensive purchase.

So, to enable you to interpret & hopefully to better understand the buying/selling transaction without having to ask your solicitor to explain, I will endeavour to provide information that will help you understand.

The first that I have prepared is the TLA (! – maybe that should be a smiley face) Three Letter Acronyms.

Open file by clicking on this link ==> Property acronyms IM May13

Student Rental tips ==> student rentals top tips

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