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The name of the company is Moor Property; my name is Ian Muir and yes the two names are connected. My surname is Scottish and its origins are “from the Moors”.

Helping people improve is part of my nature, & during my corporate life I was an MITD qualified Trainer, and in sport I am a qualified cricket coach. So, the business isnt just about “more” property. Its about providing “more” help & information for you to make better-informed decisions & help you get what YOU want. In doing this my objective is to open up opportunities for my business where people come to me with their property problem & ask for help.

This isnt a rapid project. Setting up the website will take me quite some time as it isnt my number 1 priority. So for any tech geek reading this, my apologies for only having a WordPress website, but it gives me the facility to make immediate changes rather than have to use a 3rd party, expensive webmaster.

Property is an endless education. If you are a landlord it is a very responsible position as you are looking after & providing someone’s home. It is hard work and frequently long hours, but provides you with independence and can be financially rewarding. It is seldom as you see it on TV, so dont be under an illusion, it is very easy to make financial mistakes, and I fear that whilst interest rates are very low, many people have made decisions that have not been financially sound beyond the next 6 months and could prove to be very costly.

I dont want to see people making these mistakes. Through the Blog I will comment on issues that hit the media. My approach is to inform & interpret. Amongst the decent articles there are many in the media that are badly researched, misguided, or have an agenda. Being outspoken I will happily challenge assertions, and give my opinion where I suspect there is misinformation & BS (usually economics or politically-driven issues, of which there are an increasing number). By doing this you will also get to understand my approach to the property business, and hopefully that will build up trust. If you dont like my opinions then you will probably consider me an eejut & move on to somebody you have a greater synergy with. I am not here to please everyone, but I am here to help and add value.

For those of you who like to know about the person & who they are dealing with, the following is a bit of background.

Although I had always viewed properties as an investment, from my first one in Grappenhall in Cheshire to marital homes in Surrey, my first outright investment property was bought 10 years ago in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, which I refurbished mostly on my own, then rented it out.

Since then I have done this a number of times in Surrey, Sussex and now in the Bournemouth area where I moved to in late 2011, and at the peak owned a portfolio of properties with my then partner that valued at approximately £4.5m, which to this day includes a house in Puerto Banus that was bought purely for holiday & golf-break rentals with an occasional long weekend in the sun for ourselves. This size portfolio takes a lot of time to manage, and certainly the holiday rental market in the Marbella area has been a different challenge, but has necessitated using a managing agent. A rapid learning curve and a healthy commercial scepticism were needed!

All refurbishments were done to a very high standard, as were the furnishings, because it meant there was little likelihood of ongoing emergency repairs or late night emergency calls, and tenants actually stayed with us for longer periods. Plus my pride in the completed job.

There have been winners & occasional losers, and many good tenants plus a couple of dodgy ones (including one who claimed he hadnt paid his rent because he had been put in a police safe house after a shooting incident), but thats all part of the never-ending learning, fun & frustration of property. Being a member of the National Landlords Association for several years has been invaluable in providing resources for technical/legal details and education.

My background is corporate, starting off in finance, including personal finance & investment, property, logistics, hospitality and Private Finance Initiatives within a large quantity surveying practice. In fact I was an MITD qualified Trainer and spent a couple of years training Estate Agents, but please dont point your accusing finger at me! They have a more difficult job than most people realise but nevertheless their standards still to this day are frequently inadequate.

The property market has changed substantially in the last few years. Interest rates are being manipulated down at historically low levels. How many of us can remember when interest rates were usually 8-10%, even peaking at an unimaginable 15%. I was over-leveraged, got made redundant, crashed & burned. There were financial lessons to be learned. I fear many people will learn the same lesson over the next few years, and I want them to understand the implications of the property investments that they are considering.

Currently banks are reluctant to lend, especially to the self-employed. Many people are in negative equity, and many more are worried about job security. Our UK government is trying to inflate house values in my opinion, simply to get re-elected, this is potentially dangerous for borrowers and is certainly irresponsible.

There are increasing political pressures in the rental market place; some are needed, others will remind us of the law of unintended consequences ie the result will be the opposite of what the intended. All will increase costs & bureaucracy.

Flexibility, speed of response and creative solutions will therefore become more important as peoples financial situations change, so it will become more widespread to use finance that isn’t provided by the banks but by alternative lenders and groups of investors (now known as “crowd-funding”).

The need to get advice from someone who can therefore help solve your problem and help you to move more quickly will be essential.

I have a network of contacts and Associates around the country, so there arent many situations that between us we wont have previously encountered.

Trust will also be key, and is 2-way.

If you would like an initial chat, please contact me;


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