Excellent news. Another Landlord, this time in the town of my birth, Manchester, has been fined more than £3k for repeatedly ignoring requests to complying with the law and get a HMO licence

Whilst its a pathetically low fine given the number of properties and profit he will have made, and the council have been disgracefully slow in getting to court, at least they got there, got a result & the publicity may deter some other rogues.

The article just focuses on the financial aspect, as does the Landlord. This is so wrong. He is running HMOs for 30 students. It’s 30 peoples lives at risk of fire if he hasn’t installed the correct equipment & fire protection! If he can’t afford to pay £300 licence fees (as he claims) then he is cutting corners elsewhere. In the meantime how long will it be before he complies?


It scares me to think parents are inadvertently putting their kid’s lives at risk with these landlords & it should scare the parents too. They need to know what to look for.

My book is on its way. Got to sort out publishing.

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