A good article by Jo. It should be copied by Estate Agents & given to all vendors before they put their property on the market.


Have a look at Estate Agents photos and see how many vendors need advice!

Good article.


I don’t understand how people come to the conclusion that Buy-to-let investors prevent first time buyers from purchasing property. Someone on a LinkedIn forum made this statement last week as well, so I had to politely correct them.

Buy to let investors do not look to buy 1 bed flats or small houses. They tend to look for Houses where they can rent to several people, esp Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO).

In addition, for an investor, as the saying goes “you make your money when you buy”. In other words investors are looking for bargains by buying below the normal market value (“BMV”). If a first time buyer wants to buy a property all they have to do is outbid an investor. This isnt difficult – they just need to offer the normal market value.

As for the comments being made by, mainly socialist, politicians & people / agencies with an agenda about rent controls, this is utter nonsense. They do not understand supply & demand. There is a demand for private rental property, so investors supply it. If you cap their rent then when market forces change ie interest rates go up, then many investors will be LOSING money. What happens then? They sell. Who then provides the accommodation? Not the Government. They are broke.

Unfortunately, it is not understood even by many new landlords how little profit there is in Buy-to-Let property after tax, void periods, repairs & the cost of finding tenants. This is when interest repayments are at their lowest, so what will happen when interest rates rise, as they will do, will result in a MASSIVE sale of rented properties by Landlords who can no longer afford to pay their mortgages.