Croydon council proving the extent of their greed. Do they really believe that the tax (its not about licensing, its about raising money) won’t be passed on to tenants. Idiots!

Use existing powers to catch & prosecute “rogue” landlords!

My contempt for the authorities grows daily.

£100k discrepancy between ONS and Land Registry

So, who is right? Who knows?

As the article states, nobody in the media appears to have noticed!

If its a Gvmt statistic, always treat it with scepticism, if not downright cynicism, and question the basis upon which it was based.

I’ve been saying for a few years that I don’t believe that many landlords make a profit on their rental, and are in fact speculating on property price increases.

There is a big difference between gross yield and net yield and I don’t think many understand the ongoing costs before they buy a rental property.

Once interest rate start to rise, these “investors” will start feeling the financial pain. Many will then have to sell, or will be tempted to remortgage and take out more equity if values continue to rise. This is a dangerous game.

No surprises here for those of us who know what some Landlords are like!

People who are new to renting, like Students, should read this. However, even better if they buy my book, which covers the bad levels of service and flankers that are being pulled, and more importantly how to get around them.