Housing Minister seems to understand that compulsory licensing is costly to landlords AND tenants, as costs get passed on.
Marvellous, someone with an understanding of the implications. I do hope that his successor understands this!


The key paragraph is;
“We have not formally assessed Scotland’s scheme, but I note that an answer to a parliamentary question in the Scottish Parliament in January 2013 noted that since the scheme was introduced in 2006, it had cost landlords £1m in fees and a further £5m in costs to taxpayers, but only 40 landlords had been refused in total over that period out of almost 200,000 landlord registrations.

“This suggests that such state regulation had not been effective at tackling rogue landlords despite significant costs imposed on the whole rented sector.”

Some of us have been making the point for years – there is enough legislation already in place with which to tackle rogues, but the authorities just have to put more effort into finding them. Registration is probably perceived as a cheap solution, rather than employing more inspectors, but it will not help find them because rogues will continue to ignore the law.

Again it looks like Shelter are being manipulative with their distorted use of statistics. Unfortunately many politicians seem to listen to them, but when did facts become important to politicians?

The attached article makes some pertinet points.