Irresponsible landlords need to be identified and ultimately face legal action. This relates to a HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) where there are, quite rightly, much stricter rules & regulations. Running an HMO is a professional business and there is no excuse for not complying with fire & safety regulations.

In my opinion its an area that more tenants & esp students need to be aware of before they enter into a rental agreement. When you are sharing with other people, esp on your first venture away from your parental cocoon, then you are not likely to be aware of general house safety & the risks posed by carelessness. Your co-tenants are likely to make mistakes or overlook things, and your landlord needs to make sure that you are correctly protected. Landlords who do not comply with fire & safety are putting lives at risk.

Where landlords have a normal residential home (non-HMO) that they have previously lived in & are now renting out, then they are likely to be amateur landlords, who in many cases havent realised that they need to comply with a number of rules & regulations. In fact during a recent conversation with a Students Union I was informed that a number of such landlords dont even have a proper Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement.

Protect yourself & your house mates – do some research & make sure your landlord is neither ignorant nor a rogue.

See my Top 15 Tips for Students as a starter.

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